hey guys! and sorry!

you probably realized that i didn’t post anything in a good while…

i just really can’t delete this blog because i still love miyavi with all my heart i just can’t maintain it,
so  if someone would like to be the admin, who knows that she/he can upload stuff regularly i would be more than happy, because i don’t want this blog to die and i know i can’t do it anymore.

if you’re interested, send me a message and we can talk about it :)

house-382 said: I want ask you to put credits on photos that you took from House-382 blog. Recognize my work. Put credits, please.

if you want it, of course i will, but i already put your link on my page, because you (or i’m not sure if it was you, but someone from house-382) have asked it already, and said it’s okay like this. but if you want i put credits as well :)

Premium live “DAY 1” from Tokyo

part 2

part 1